MP Police's gross negligence surfaced, DNA test of culprit is not done in 731 cases of rape

Jabalpur: The extent to which carelessness was taken in the investigation of rape cases with women is shocking. According to a report presented in the Madhya Pradesh High Court, a total of 4359 cases of rape have been registered in Madhya Pradesh from 1 July 2018 to 31 March 2019, out of which 731 are cases in which DNA test of criminals is not done. Gone. Whereas the apex court and then the High Court had clear instructions that it is mandatory to report the DNA of criminals in serious cases like rape.

In fact, such a great negligence of the police was revealed through a bail petition filed in the High Court. Surajpal Adivasi, a resident of Rewa, was booked for rape, when the DNA report was called on his bail application, it was found that the investigating officer did not get DNA tested. After this, the Madhya Pradesh High Court instructed the DGP to call a report from all over Madhya Pradesh, then it was found that the DNA of the culprits has not been provided in how many such rape cases.

The report was presented in the High Court and the data came out that within the last 2 years, there were 731 cases of rape in which the officers were negligent and the DNA of the culprits was not provided. Taking the matter seriously, the High Court has sought a list of the guilty officers and information about the punitive action taken against them.

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