Sharmik train workers looted food and drink, stampede

In Madhya Pradesh, workers of labor trains looted and created a ruckus at the station at some places. There was a ruckus at Katni, Bankheri and Khandwa stations with Narsinghpur. Rinku Devi husband Raju Shah Muzaffarnagar aboard the train number 01932 gave birth to the girl in a moving train at Narsinghpur railway station at around quarter to two o'clock on Friday afternoon.

However, to provide medical relief to the woman, the train was stopped on the main line of Narsinghpur railway station. During this, station management Sanjay Sonkar sought security from SDM MK Bamanha in view of the possibility of passengers exiting the platform. After a while, the SDM reached out to the social workers and not the police force.

Here they called the passengers on the platform and started distributing biscuit-chips. Passengers getting these jumped from the trains and reached the platform. First, the railway police tried to distribute chips and biscuits to the passengers by putting a line on the platform. But in the meantime the stuff is over. Then the social workers started calling the private vendors on the platform and selling the material. In the midst of a rush to buy goods, the passengers looted here, causing a stampede. Passengers surrounded the SDM including the master. Seeing that there was no accident with the officers, the RPF and GRP jawans who came in action mode used light force and the train was hurriedly dispatched, which made the passengers run and board the trains.

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