Madhya Pradesh's Visionary Leap into 5G Network Expansion"
Madhya Pradesh's Visionary Leap into 5G Network Expansion

INDORE: Introducing an orchestrated strategy for the swift expansion of the 5G network, the state of Madhya Pradesh has unfurled a policy aimed at catalyzing this ambitious endeavor. 

Embarking on an accelerated trajectory, the state administration is steadfast in expediting the intricate process of granting authoritative endorsements to telecommunications and internet service providers, as delineated by officials on the eventful Wednesday. The cornerstone of the 5G policy is the incorporation of a stipulation that bestows a significant stance on timeliness; in instances where the regulatory nods from governmental channels are not secured within the designated timeframe, an automatic imprimatur will be inferred, as elaborated by the State's Minister of Science and Technology, Om Prakash Sakhlecha.

"Our aspiration hinges upon the swift diffusion of the 5G network across our expanse. Thus, we have unveiled the strategic framework of the 5G policy, envisaging the galvanization of infrastructure development by commercial entities," said the Minister.

Anticipating a comprehensive rollout within the span of a year and a half to two years, Sakhlecha expressed optimism about the impending ubiquity of the 5G network throughout Madhya Pradesh. Echoing this sentiment, Abhijit Agrawal, the Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh State Electronics Development Corporation (MPSEDC), underscored the alignment of the state's 5G policy with federal guidelines and industrial recommendations.

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