Mahagathbandhan becomes 'Mahajoothbandhan': Arun Jaitley slams Congress on CAG Rafale report

Feb 13 2019 03:56 PM
Mahagathbandhan becomes 'Mahajoothbandhan': Arun Jaitley slams Congress on CAG Rafale report

Minutes after CAG report was tabled in the Rajya Sabha, Union Minister Arun Jaitely launched a scathing attack on Rahul Gandhi-led Congress party and the Mahagathbandhan over their baseless charges and lies against the BJP party over the Rafale deal. The CAG report, which was tabled in the Rajya Sabha has been titled Performance Audit Report of the CAG on Capital Acquisition in Indian Air Force in which 126-page onwards the report deals solely with the India-France deal to procure 36 Rafale aircraft in a flyaway condition.

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Amid the political storm over the pricing difference of the Rafale deal in the UPA government's negotiation VS the current NDA government's deal, the CAG report reveals that the deal negotiated by the NDA was cheaper than that of the UPA's proposed deal. Lashing out at the Congress party, Arun Jaitely posted a series of tweets saying that the CAG report exposed the lies of the Mahagathbandhan, calling it 'Mahajoothbandhan'.

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The CAG concluded on pages 136 and 137 that the May 2015 price (NDA) is 2.86% less than the 2007 (UPA) price as aligned with 2015 prices. Furthermore, the delivery schedule of the first 18 Rafale aircraft is also mentioned to be better than the one proposed in the 126 aircraft deal, by five months.

In the light of the recent revelation, Union Minister Arun Jaitley put out another tweet slamming the UPA government's 2007 Rafale negotiation saying that the 2016 NDA government's deal is 'lower in price, faster delivery, with better maintenance and lower escalation'. 


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