Maharashtra: Black shadow of corona hovers over children, report negative but antibody positive

Mumbai: A large number of infections are already visible in children in Maharashtra ahead of the third wave of corona. As per the information received, 76,401 children have been found infected with corona in the last 43 days. The children are said to be below 10 years of age. Earlier, it was said that children would be at the highest risk of infection in the third wave, but now in the second wave itself, corona infection is spreading among young children in Maharashtra. In view of the terrible form of this epidemic, ICU are being set up in hospitals for newborns.

1 below 10 years of age between 1st January, 2021 and 12th May. 06,222 children have been infected. At the same time, 67,110 children were infected in 2020. Now, even before the third wave has come, the Government has started preparations. Above all, about 70 per cent of the children in the state report negative but antibody positive. Yes, and children are being admitted to hospitals in a critical condition. According to reports, an 8-month-old child has been admitted to KJ Somaya Hospital in Mumbai after a corona infection.

Even after the corona was negative here, his health deteriorated to such an extent that he had to be put on ventilator for a few days. The doctor said that multisystem inflammatory syndrome has been found in the child. In fact, this problem is seen a few days after corona infection. However, his condition is better now than before.

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