'Mahima Chaudhary recovers quickly from cancer due to Kapil Sharma', actress thanks comedian
'Mahima Chaudhary recovers quickly from cancer due to Kapil Sharma', actress thanks comedian

This time Mahima Chaudhary and Manisha Koirala are going to participate in the famous comedian Kapil Sharma's show, 'The Kapil Sharma Show'. Both of them will also be seen humming songs from their hit films in the show. Let us tell you that both of them are cancer survivors. In the upcoming episode, Kapil will be seen talking to Manisha about how she entered his show in the year 2017. I mean five years ago.

Kapil then asks the actress whether it is a coincidence or because you belong to a political family, that's why you appeared in our show after such a long gap. Kapil will further be seen telling that Manisha Koirala is the only actress who has saved the time of the two lovers with her dialogue 'Illu Illu'. It means 'I love you', but instead of three, only two words have to be spoken in it.

Then Kapil will be seen calling Mahima Chowdhary on the stage. Mahima will enter the stage, and Kapil will be seen humming the hit songs of her movies in her sweet voice. As soon as she comes on stage, Mahima will praise Kapil Sharma and say, What do you sing? Taking a dig at Mahima, Kapil said that, after seeing your film, your songs are in our veins. Mahima will tell Kapil Sharma that Kapil's show helped her a lot when she was fighting a battle with cancer. It was by Kapil's hand that she was able to recover quickly on this journey. Mahima said that Kapil, you are the reason for my good health. Some time ago, I was diagnosed with cancer, so I chose humour to survive it. I was just watching comedy during that time. I didn't even know when I fell asleep while watching your show. And now I am completely fine.

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