Mahindra Cars Roll Out Heavy Discounts on XUV400 and XUV300 for December 2023
Mahindra Cars Roll Out Heavy Discounts on XUV400 and XUV300 for December 2023

As the year draws to a close, car manufacturers are looking to clear out older inventory with enticing deals. Renowned for its SUV lineup, Mahindra is currently offering significant discounts of up to Rs 4.2 lakh on selected models. Prospective buyers stand to benefit from these discounts when purchasing the Mahindra XUV400 and XUV300. These special offers from Mahindra are valid throughout December 2023.

This practice aligns with the industry trend, where car companies traditionally aim to offload previous year's stock by offering attractive incentives, making December an opportune time for potential buyers. Mahindra's most substantial discount is specifically on the XUV400, which happens to be the only electric SUV in their lineup.

XUV400 Discounts and Offers
In November 2023, Mahindra's electric SUV, the XUV400 EV, was available with discounts of up to Rs 3.5 lakh. However, for December 2023, the automotive giant has further increased the discounts, now allowing buyers to save up to Rs 4.2 lakh on the purchase of this EV. These discounts apply specifically to the EL variant of the SUV, excluding models equipped with ESC.

For the XUV400 featuring ESC, buyers can still enjoy discounts of up to Rs 3.2 lakh. Meanwhile, the more affordable EC variant of the electric car is available with discounts of up to Rs 1.7 lakh.

Significantly, the substantial discount on Mahindra's luxurious electric SUV has resulted in its pricing becoming more competitive compared to the Tata Nexon EV. The EL variant boasts an impressive range of 456 kilometers on a single full charge, powered by a 39.4kWh battery pack.

Discounts on Mahindra XUV300
Mahindra is offering enticing discounts on its XUV300 models as well. Potential buyers can enjoy savings of up to Rs 1.72 lakh. The most significant discount is available on the top diesel variants W8 and W8(O) of the XUV300. Additionally, there is a discount of up to Rs 1.4 lakh on the W6 and W4 trim variants.

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