Viral Video: Horse bites rival jockey to win the race

Sep 09 2019 02:32 PM
Viral Video: Horse bites rival jockey to win the race

You must have watched the race of horses sometimes or not. Actually, if not then you will have to watch on TV which is a bit dangerous. There are many accidents in this too and humans also die. This is how a horse race took place in France, where such an incident happened, whose video is becoming quite viral on social media. You will also be surprised to see this. Let us tell you, at the Maisons-Laffitte Racecourse near Paris, a horse tried to bite the rival jockey. Because his horse was overtaking. The horse bite the jockey to win the race.

It is being said that such an incident has been witnessed for the first time. The horse's name is being told as Palomba. The opponent who appears to go to the jockey and tries to bite in a while. Although such cases have never come to the fore, something similar happened this time. Let me tell you, before the finish line, two horses are seen giving a fight. But after the horse overtakes the other horse bites the jockey and tries to stop him.

According to the information, the jockey who was bitten by the horse is named Francois-Xavier Bertras. However, Bertras was not hurt in the incident. He finished the race first and then saw if the horse had bitten him somewhere. He says about this, 'I saw the race again after the race was over. I saw the horse tried to bite me three times. But he could not succeed.

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