This 400-year-old stone tells the future of women, learn how...

Sep 09 2019 02:22 PM
This 400-year-old stone tells the future of women, learn how...

You must have often heard the news that people use sonography to know the gender of a child growing in the stomach of a pregnant woman, which is illegal. But somewhere even today, the gender of the child is detected so that people do not back down. Today we are going to tell you about a place where a boy or girl is carrying a very unique and ancient way of finding it. In this unique way, the people of the village pat whether the woman has a boy or a girl.

Actually, we are talking about Khukra village in Jharkhand where a hill opens this secret. We are going to tell you about how this can happen. Actually, this ritual has been here since the reign of Nagavanshi kings four hundred years ago. According to the people here, this mountain has been informing people about their future for the last 400 years. People have great reverence for this mountain and often people come here and know the future.

At the same time, people say that there is a moon-shaped shape on this hill, which tells about the gender of the newborn. For information, let us know that this thing is investigated by hitting a stone on this hill. A pregnant woman kills the stone from a certain distance towards the moon on this hill. If the stone is placed outside the moon, it is believed that there is a newborn girl growing in the womb, and if the stone is placed exactly in the middle of the shape of the moon, then it is understood that there is a boy in the womb.

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