Make your heart healthy on 'WORLD HEART DAY'
Make your heart healthy on 'WORLD HEART DAY'

Heart is a small part in our body, but the role given to it is huge as comparison to its size.It circulates the blood in the whole body and works 24*7 without taking break even for a single second.

But what we are doing, we are playing hide and seek with our health. In today’s world our career and money is our priority as we are so engaged with our work which results in breaking our health.

Study says that approx 70% people among us are fighting with everyday infections but still they don’t have a single minute to look upon their health.

Our heart is facing too many problems because of our carelessness towards our health.Many of us are battling with Blood Pressure, Heart attack, Rheumatic Heart Disease.

Therefore on every 29, September the whole world celebrates World Heart Day.So take some time for your better being and give equal priority to your heart.

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