Try these tips to keep your hair strong during winter

Jan 24 2021 05:44 PM
Try these tips to keep your hair strong during winter

Cold weather is nothing short of competition for hair. This season requires extra hair care. It is common to have hair loss or dandruff this season. Women take a number of measures to avoid these problems but still do not get rid of the problem. In such a winter season, lukewarm oil can help you. While applying oil is beneficial for hair growth, lukewarm oil benefits more. Know the benefits of applying lukewarm oil in the hair.

– You can apply oil once or twice a week even before shampoo in the hair. However, after washing the hair, it should be avoided, as it can cause dust and soil discomfort in the hair.

– Regular oiling can relieve the problem of dandruff and itching in the scalp. Add neem leaves in the oil and heat it and apply it on the scalp before bathing. It gets rid of dandruff.

– Apply lukewarm oil well in your hair and scalp before bedtime at night. Wash the hair with water the next morning.

– Lightly massage with hair oil before bedtime at night brings good sleep.

– Applying hair oil can prevent premature whitening of hair, the stronger the root of the hair.

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