How to Cover Up a Hickey with Makeup

Aug 15 2019 09:28 PM
How to Cover Up a Hickey with Makeup

A love bite sometimes occurs during intimacy in a relationship. These are special moments for couples, but it's not easy to hide.   These little red, blue marks are good witnesses to your good times, but it is good to hide them. You'll also have several ways to hide it. Today we're going to tell you how to hide it with makeup.

Wash the place where the love bite marks or clean it with a wet cloth. Now apply a little moisturizer on it. Take a little primer in your hand and apply it well.

Cover Love bite with a little light foundation with your skin tone. When you cover it with the Light Shade Foundation, it will hide in the skin, it will not emerge separately. You can also sprinkle a little foundation powder at that place to look like a little natural and the rest of the skin.

To hide love bite, you can put foundations on your face as well. Set up a foundation and mix it well with your skin.

Love bite can also be hidden with the help of a concierge. Select Green Tinted Conciller as it can balance your love bite with red color. It turns green or yellow when it starts to recover. Use a pink shade concierge. Sprinkle the powder from the top.

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