Malaysia gov't warns Fugitive Zakir Naik, says no one above country's law

Aug 26 2019 06:29 PM
Malaysia gov't warns Fugitive Zakir Naik, says no one above country's law

Kuala Lumpur: A few days after the ban on fugitive preacher Zakir Naik delivering a speech across Malaysia, the home minister M.K. Yasin warns Zakir Naik. He made it clear that nobody is above the law of the land, not even Zakir Naik. He said Zakir Naik's statements caused a lot of inconveniences which has led to justice.

It is worth mentioning here that last week the Malaysian government imposed a ban on Zakir Naik from delivering a speech across Malaysia. Zakir Naik is accused of hurting the feelings of Hindus and the Chinese people. Malaysian police had briefed on the action, saying the action was taken against Zakir for national harmony and public interest. Malaysian police also questioned Zakir Naik for 10 hours on Monday. Meanwhile, Zakir Naik had apologised.

Zakir Naik, the controversial Islamic preacher who fled India to Malaysia, recently spoke of the fact that Hindus have a lot of rights even after Malaysia was a Muslim-majority. Zakir had said that Hindus in Malaysia have 100 times more rights in the proportion of minority Muslims in India. The Indian community had strongly protested against the racist remarks.

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