Kung Fu Master Movie Reviews: Malayam version has a lot of action sequences

Jan 24 2020 05:55 PM
Kung Fu Master Movie Reviews: Malayam version has a lot of action sequences

Targeted by a notorious drug and martial arts gang of Malayalam, siblings Rishi and Ritu face a tragedy. They use their own expertise in the wingchain to get the criminals back. Director Abrid Shine's films are themed and she usually uses them to good effect, telling simple, enjoyable stories about police work or cricket-crazy youth. He increases ambition and scale with the Kung Fu Master but fails to connect with the audience in the same way as his earlier films.

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Just so there is little action for the film titled Kung Fu Master. The first part of the 126-minute film is taken to establish the melodious family dynamics of siblings Rishi and Ritu Ram, which debutant artist GG Scaria and Neeta Pillai play. These scenes are repeated more often than necessary in more action packed second half. The first half is, disappointingly, almost devoid of action. Things start to get interesting when, after being targeted by a drug marshal martial champion, played by Sanup D, the siblings get into revenge mode. But it is almost a matter of very little delay when it comes to violence, of which there are many, except these siblings.

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The action choreography is headed by Abrad Shine and is thrilling, currently low on the novelty factor. At the moment, it is very interesting to see Nita Pillai athletic and take on the bad guys; She seems very reliable in doing this. Jeezy Scarea is also good with its sharp punches, which are the highlight of the action sequences. Sanoop is exaggeratedly menstruating. Basically, the story is quite thin with weak characterization. There is no real chemistry between the siblings, and it is unclear why the sages would try to avenge their sister under their circumstances. Dialogues such as, 'We are sending you to hell' and 'Welcome to the melodies of heaven' are not the expected punch.

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