China fails to deal with Coronavirus
China fails to deal with Coronavirus

Beijing: Beijing's investigation on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) has been putting a foot in confirmatory ties between India and China over the years. China's military in eastern Ladakh is losing trust between the two countries due to this war. Jianli Yang, the son of a dissident of China and the leader of a former Communist Party, says, 'Expressing his opinion in Newsweek that China failed to handle the outbreak of epidemic and is very disappointed by this'. He told that in the excitement of showing itself strong, China is investigating to provoke the army in eastern Ladakh.

As he said this, the results of meetings between Chinese President Xi Jinping and PM Modi of India in Wuhan in 2018 confirmed the relationship between the two countries. According to Jianli, China is showing unwavering favor with India only in the concern of its strength. India has reacted to this by resorting to military, diplomatic, and technological goods. With which India has got the support of other countries also. Other countries of the world are also opposing China's expansionary policy in the Himalayan region. The US itself has criticized China's move. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo criticized it as an untrustworthy and aggressive investigation into China.

Russia worried about losing India's goodwill after the confrontation: Jianli says that China has become conscious now. He has the idea that after the confrontation in the Galwan valley, India will adopt a path that will not be under China. Jianli said that fear of losing the goodwill of India has created a feeling of insecurity in Beijing. This is the reason why he tried to convince Hindustan in an editorial in the Globen Times that China has never been a 'wolf' in relations with India, that the trickster is over.

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