Jodhpur: Man committed suicide during lockdown

May 09 2020 07:21 PM
Jodhpur: Man committed suicide during lockdown

Jodhpur: The crime case that has come up recently is from Bhavad village in nearby Karwar. A young man living where he laid his life on Saturday morning hanged himself with a rope. According to the information received in this case, he was upset with the financial crisis and due to lack of wages for a long time, he took this step. In this case, the police handed over the family to the family after conducting the post-mortem of the body in the morning.

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According to reports, Karwad Thanadikari Bharat Rawat told, "30-year-old Nisar Khan son Salman Khan, who lives in the nearby Bhavad village, was found hanging in the house around 4 am on Saturday. After finding out the family, they came out of the trap and brought him to the hospital." While there he said, "Then the doctor told him dead. He was going through financial crisis. A report has been given in the police station on behalf of his brother Satar Khan."

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He also said that the deceased was married and his other brothers live in the neighborhood. After the post-mortem of the dead body has been handed over to the family by the police.

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