OMG! Man puts 11 snakes in his mouth but couldn't set a record

There are many people around the world who perform unique feats. Jackie Bibby is on the same list. Yes, Jackie Bibby, who lives in Texas, recently set a strong record. Your senses will be blown away by their records. In fact, he put 11 dangerous poisonous rattlesnakes in his mouth to create a world record.



Earlier, Jackie had done so in 2010 and did the same thing again this time to break his record, although the category has now been removed by the Guinness Book of Records. You can all see the Guinness Book of Records shared photos of this record holder on its Facebook page. You can see Jackie pressed 11 snakes in her mouth in these pictures. According to the information received, Jackie had not used his hands to catch all these snakes but had kept them directly in his mouth.

After looking at this picture, you can understand how dangerous the stunt was, if any of these snakes had bitten Jackie, his death was certain. However, Jackie still performed the feat. The Guinness Book of Records reported on its Facebook page, "They are no longer monitoring this record at all. On the other hand, he gave the reason for this: "Many people play with their own lives for such a record and we want no one else to perform this stunt. '

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