Man killed his aunt with Hammer, Chops her into pieces with Marble cutter due to a shocking reason

A Horrific incident comes to light where a Boy killed his aunt and chopped the 65-year-old into the pieces. After committing the gruesome murder he also filed a missing complaint by the accused himself led in Jaipur. The woman was killed by her own nephew, who later chopped her body into pieces and dumped them near Delhi highway.

The accused has been identified as Anuj Sharma alias Achitya Govind Das, then called cops and filed a missing complaint saying his aunt, Saroj Sharma. The woman had gone to the temple in the morning and was missing since then. After receiving the complaint, police started to look for the woman but became suspicious of Anuj after checking CCTV footage.

During the investigation, he was seen leaving his house with a suitcase in CCTV Footage. A relative had seen him cleaning blood stains near the kitchen of the house. After this the accused boy admitted that he bludgeoned his aunt to death with a hammer on December 11. The woman was the wife of his father's elder brother and had been living with them after the death of her husband in 1995.

As per the information the accused wanted to go to Delhi but her aunt refused, which led to a heated argument and he hit her with a hammer in the kitchen.The accused then dragged the body to the bathroom and cut it into eight-10 pieces with a marble cutter.

The police official said, “The accused took the body parts in a suitcase and dumped it at separate places on Delhi highway. Most of the body parts have been recovered,”

They further added, "The killer is intelligent and educated. He is a B tech and appears to have psychopathic tendencies. The police suspected him as he filed a missing complaint, but CCTV footage did not show the aunt leaving the house, in fact, the CCTV showed him carrying buckets and a suitcase out of the house. We also found blood stains in the kitchen.”

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