In just 4 minutes of work, this person lost 13 kgs!

Sep 05 2019 11:53 AM
In just 4 minutes of work, this person lost 13 kgs!

Can you lose weight in just 4 minutes of workouts? It is possible but you will have to do some hard work. But the same thing comes that 4 minutes is very short. We are going to tell about one such person. In this, a person living in Japan has reduced his weight in 4 minutes, these days, he is becoming viral on social media for his only four minutes of workout. This person has lost 13 kg by just four minutes of workouts. Know about it.

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Actually, this person who runs Twitter named Hirangi Sensai, says that this four-minute workout did what he used to get in an hour-long session in the gym. That is, if you are serious about losing weight, you can do it this way. In March this year, Hirangi had put a photo of himself on Twitter, in which his stomach also came out and he seemed very unfit. With this photo, he promised that in a few months, he will fit in perfectly and put his photo on Twitter again. After this, six-pack abs have replaced his stomach in the recent picture and muscles are already strong.

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Tabata workout, lose 13 kg in five months
Hirangi Sensei says that the reason for this change is Tabata Workout, in which he has become so fit in five months by doing rigorous workouts for four minutes. His four-minute workouts include eight sets of burpees (exercises to increase aerobics and body strength) in 20 seconds, then a 10-second rest, and later exercise by following the same pattern for 4 minutes.

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About this workout, Hirangi said, my body fat has been reduced by 18.2 percent due to this workout. My weight has reduced by 13 kg in five months, previously I was 72 kg and now I am a 59 kg fit young man. However, I also changed my diet with workouts. I took fresh fruits in the diet and also ate grilled meat and curry rice. Along with this, my determination to lose weight also worked.

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