Youth killed his girlfriend in anger and commit suicide

Nov 30 2019 04:51 PM
Youth killed his girlfriend in anger and commit suicide

In this case of crime, the youth shot his girlfriend and then commit suicide and disclosed that for the last 2 years everything was going well between the young man and his girlfriend. The love between the two happened in Sitamarhi but his girlfriend went to Patna for doing MBA.

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News has been received that everything was going well between the two and the family members also knew the story of their love. But the young man suspected that his girlfriend was molesting him. The young man started to believe that his girlfriend is looking a bit changed and she is ignoring him.

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A few days ago there was a lot of fighting on the phone between the two and after that, the girlfriend told the youth not to talk to her. The young man got angry and planned a bloody game. For this, he went directly from Sitamarhi to Nandgaon in Shastri Nagar and opened the gate by claiming himself as garbage man. The youth was very angry and after entering the house, he shot his sleeping girlfriend in the head and after that, he also commited suicide.

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