Man suffers from skull infection due to cleaning ear with cotton bud

Mar 16 2019 08:35 PM
Man suffers from skull infection due to cleaning ear with cotton bud

People pick up a cotton swab and start digging them into the ears to clean them. It is one of the most common way to clean ears. However, these innocent looking cotton swabs may actually be more dangerous than they let on.

As per the report in the BMJ, a man in the UK has sworn to never touch an earbud again when he developed a life-threatening infection due to it.  According to the report, the tip of the cotton swab got stuck in the man's ear while cleaning it, something he did not even realise and led to the development of an infection in his skull.

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As per the report, the man was rushed to the hospital emergency room when he had a seizure and collapsed. In ten days that finally led to the seizure, the man had complained of pain in his left ear and a discharge that was coming out of it. He also experienced severe headaches, vomits, and even started to forget people's names.

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When the doctors scanned his brain and ear, they found inflammation with pus in the bones of his skull close to the left ear canal. The infection that had probably started in the ear canal had spread to his skull. Doctor found the tip of the cotton swab covered in ear wax and debris and concluded that this could have aggravated the problem and even led to the spread of the infection.


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