Man killed childhood friend on Facebook friend's suggestion

Jul 11 2020 02:48 PM
Man killed childhood friend on Facebook friend's suggestion

Recently, the special staff of the Rohini district of Delhi has disclosed the case of the murder of a young man in Aman Vihar. They arrested the childhood friend of the deceased, Leelu alias Nitin, in this case on Wednesday. According to the reports, the accused carried out the murder on the suggestion of the notorious crook Dinesh Karala, a friend made on Facebook. The police say that they were involved in the Jitendra Gogi gang behind the incident. On July 2, the car rider Nitin was being indiscriminately fired and killed on the plot going from his house in Rama Vihar area.

The police was considering it as gang-wise but the case came to light. When the investigation took place, it was revealed that the elder brother of the deceased is connected with the Tillu gang. After that, a team of Inspector Ishwar Singh was formed under the supervision of ACP Special Staff Brahmajit Singh. It was revealed that the wires of the incident are connected to the jail then after searching the footage, Leela alias Nitin Mathur of Karala village appeared. Police found out from the sources associated with the jail that Leelu also fired. After knowing all this, police arrested the accused from the Rohini Sector-24 area. He said in interrogation, "He used to run RTV, but he stopped working when a wrestler named Karmaveer threatened to kill him."

He told that for his safety he talked to the notorious crook Dinesh Karla through Facebook. After that, he got along with him only. Later, due to his friendship with Gogi, Dinesh Karala asked Leelu to commit the murder and the accused had sent a photo of Nitin and his elder brother Naveen to Gogi. After that, the young man rushed to the car, with whom he committed the murder.

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