Manjil Virinja Poovu: Alex confesses Manu's truth
Manjil Virinja Poovu: Alex confesses Manu's truth

In the latest episode of Manjil Virinja Poovu, the lawyer meets Parthibha and discusses the case to get Krishnadasa's money back. He also requests Pratibha to sign documents related to it. He also promises her that he will get the wealth of Krishnadas back. Alex meets Maya and tells her about Manu's situation. He is guilty that they are the reason behind Manu's tragedy. Alex tells Maya that he plans to confess everything to Manu. Maya panics and tries her best to stop him.

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At the corporate office, Rajiv informs Mallika of new issues in the plantation. He suggests Mallika appoint a new employee there. Mallika called Arun and shifted his office in Munnar. Arun is happy that he can work from his hometown. On the other hand, Suja meets Shazi and apologizes for Anathamma's behavior. She requests Shaji not to leave her for this reason. Shaji promises Suja that he will never leave her.

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Subsequently, Sona assigns a goon to attack Shaji. The assigned goon is Shaji's friend and he targets Shaji despite knowing it. Alex arrives at PK Nilayam to meet Manu. Simultaneously Anjana welcomes him and takes him to meet Manu. Manu gets excited to see Alex and he taunts Anjana that Alex is the one who informed her about the extramarital affair. Anjana gets furious after hearing this but she did not react to Manu's words.

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