Manjil Virinja Poovu: Anjana took care of Manu with full heart and reverence
Manjil Virinja Poovu: Anjana took care of Manu with full heart and reverence

In the recent episode of Malayalam's well-known TV serial Manzil Virinja Povu, Anjana welcomes Manu and informs her of the arrangements made for her. Apart from this, Sona becomes enraged and she makes fun of Anjana. Anjana also answers Sona. Mallika gets affected by Anjana's change. Later, Manu insists on going with Sona. But, Anjana warns that if Sona comes into the room, she will complain to the doctor. Manu agrees to Anjana's demand.

Anjana single-handedly cooks for Manu and feeds him food. Mallika notices this and becomes happy. She tells Anjana that she is seeing God in front of her. Sona, on the other hand, meets Manu without Anjana's notice. She complains that Anjana is not letting her spend time with Manu. The same Sona tried to mislead Manu by mentioning that Anjana might try to kill him. Manu replies that Anjana will not do this. Meanwhile, Anjana enters the room and Sona hides behind the curtain.

Apart from this, Anjana got suspicious and came to know that Sona is in the room. She finds Sona and beats him with a broom. Anjana warns Sona not to enter the room again. At night, Sona again enters Manu's room and starts to provoke him to drink liquor. But, Manu replies that he is not allowed to drink alcohol. Sona replies that she will arrange some liquor to Manu. She thinks it will kill Manu slowly. On the other hand, Suja and Pratibha appear to be talking about Anjana. Suja says that if Anjana is taking care of her, Mannu will get well soon.

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