Manoj Bajpai - Hindi is not my weakness but my strength

Sep 14 2019 03:33 PM
Manoj Bajpai - Hindi is not my weakness but my strength

Strong actor Manoj Bajpai, who has spent almost 25 years in Bollywood, is known today for his characters, his films. Satya or Shool or Aligarh, The actor has created a special identity in the industry with his strong characters. At the same time, along with his films, actor Manoj Bajpayee is also well known for his strong grip on the Hindi language.

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Today, on the special occasion of Hindi Day, actor Manoj Bajpayee has said that he is working in the Hindi film industry, if I know how to speak and read Hindi, then it is not my weakness, but it is my strength is. Those who do not know, think of themselves.

Recently, it has been said by Manoj Bajpai that my mother tongue has been Bhojpuri, although I have learned Hindi. Hindi seems to me to be a very sweet language and I have also read many Hindi scholars. According to him, it is necessary to have a good hold in Hindi and Urdu, especially for doing theater. Whatever language I learned, I learned because of theater.

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Let me tell you further that he has said that I read poems even today, I like it very much. Next, he says that there is no time to write, although I have made a rule to read a book every day. The actor further said that his daughter does not know Hindi and I try my best to always talk to her in Hindi.

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