Manoj Tiwari will take these steps to change the 'controversial image' of Bhojpuri industry

Actor-turned-politician Manoj Tiwari is a very big name with being a very familiar face of Bhojpuri cinema. Soon Manoj Tiwari is appearing in the Bhojpuri web series 'Putra Dharti'. This series is going to be released on Bhojpuri's first OTT platform Chaupal. Recently, at the launch of Chaupal, Manoj Tiwari talked about Bhojpuri cinema and the changes coming in it.

OTT will benefit Bhojpuri stars: Amidst a witness, Manoj Tiwari, while talking on the Bhojpuri OTT platform, has called it a boon for the artists. Manoj Tiwari says that Bihar is a big state in the country. But the theatres there are not worth watching the movie. In such a situation, the arrival of the Chaupal is going to prove to be beneficial for the Bhojpuri industry and the stars here. 

Talking further, he has said that the films of the South are doing good business because there are modern theatres everywhere at a distance of 5-6 km. Bhojpuri cinema people could not make modern theatres. But Abhay Sinha and Sandeep Bansal are nothing short of compliments for platforms like Chaupal. Manoj Tiwari says that Bhojpuri's stories and issues are going to get a place in cinema through Chaupal. 

Damage to the image of Bhojpuri cinema: There have been many occasions when Bhojpuri cinema has also been accused of spreading obscenity. Talking about this, Manoj Tiwari has said that mistakes have been made. That is why the minds of the people have also been lifted from Bhojpuri cinema. I'm also involved in them. He says I thought it wasn't right what was happening. So now I've made up my mind to start again. The effort is going to be to eliminate vulgarity and vulgarity and throw out the suppressed good things. 

Manoj Tiwari has also said that he did not get away from Bhojpuri cinema because of being busy. The point was that the industry didn't have a good story. However, his shows were still happening. Manoj Tiwari said what he had to say. Now let's look at what changes he has brought about in cinema through his series. 

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