Many Women are suffering from Infertility issues nowadays; these five are common causes….

Apr 15 2019 05:55 PM
Many Women are suffering from Infertility issues nowadays; these five are common causes….

In today's busy life, there are many kinds of problems in the life of women, in which the problem of infertility is prominent. Yes, due to the changing lifestyle, the problems of infertility are increasing in women, due to which they are not able to persist. Indeed, becoming a mother is the biggest pleasure of every woman, but in the changing secenario most women are being deprived of this happiness, which has created a major problem. In such a way, today we are going to tell about five reasons to fast growing infertility in women, with the help of which you can avoid this problem. 


In a medical language, if a woman is not able to persist for a year despite constant efforts, that means there is a problem in getting pregnant, then in this situation, the woman may be victim of infertility. Women are not able to conceive due to infertility, but if it is known for its reason, it is possible to treat it.

Five Major Reasons for Infertility

There are so many reasons for infertility that can come out, five important reasons are being explained below-

1.Hormonal imbalance

When there is a hormonal imbalance in any woman due to any reason, she is unable to conceive, due to which she does not become a mother. Actually, due to hormonal imbalances, eggs can not get out of the ovaries, so that women would not become mothers and this can lead to infertility.


Nowadays the problem of PCOS women has increased significantly, which makes them unable to conceive. In fact, this disease becomes cystolic in the fallopian tube, due to which women may be victims of infertility. However, women can be persuaded by taking treatment for this disease at the right time.

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3. Late marriage

Nowadays women make careers before marriage and then they are set up, due to which the marriage is delayed. In this case, according to medical, most women are able to persuade until the age of 40. Not only this, some women have the ability to persevere to 35, but nowadays due to late marriage, women are not able to persuade.

4. Obesity

Due to obesity, women may be victims of infertility. Actually, due to the increased fat, many diseases are seen in women, due to which they eat different medicines and in such a situation they can not be persuaded.

5. Stress

In today's busy life, women take very much tension, due to which they can have pregnancy problems. Actually, the effect of tension reduces the formation of egg in women's ovaries, due to which they can be victims of infertility.

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