Youths in Meerut shout slogans in favor of Pakistan, GD says- "soon in custody..."
Youths in Meerut shout slogans in favor of Pakistan, GD says-

Meerut: Recently, efforts are being made to spoil the atmosphere in Mawana before the prayers of Jumme in Meerut district of UP. In the third locality, some youths raised slogans in support of Pakistan. An accused has been taken into custody by the police. At the same time, in the afternoon, SDM Mawana Rishiraj, CO UN Mishra Force was on patrol due to the alert. According to the police, as soon as the convoy of these officers passed through the Mohalla third, some youths standing at the crossroads were shouting slogans in favor of Pakistan.

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After this, a young man was caught by the Mawana police, while the other accused youth escaped. Where an eyewitness told that the caught young man has raised slogans. The youth caught in the investigation has refused to raise slogans. He says that the slogan has been imposed by someone else, he will recognize it. He was just standing there. It was told that the Mawana police filed a case of sedition against Abujar's son Jarrar and took him into custody. At the same time, SSP Ajay Sahni has said that one of the accused has been detained. The search for the remaining accused has been raided. As soon as he said that soon the remaining accused would also be detained.

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According to media reports, ADG Prashant Kumar said that after the Friday prayers in the Mawana police station area, some youths raised slogans in support of Pakistan. While taking action by the local police, one accused has been detained. Now more accused will also be arrested. He said that strict action is being taken against the accused.

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