Information about nearest hospital to Corona Testing Center will be found here

Mar 21 2020 09:50 AM
Information about nearest hospital to Corona Testing Center will be found here

The government is constantly making people aware of the Coronavirus in India. For this, the help of various advertisements is being taken. The Government of India is also taking many necessary steps to prevent infection from Corona. The government has also issued toll-free numbers. Let us tell you about a website today with the help of which you can get information from Coronavirus testing lab to the nearest hospital.

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MapmyIndia has launched a website for the convenience of the people regarding the coronavirus whose URL is On this site, you can find out how many cases have been reported in the country so far in the country. You will also be able to find out how many patients are in which state and where there is a testing lab of coronavirus. The site claims that all figures are being updated with the help of government sources.

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You will also get information about the isolation center
There is also a Mobile App Move app of MapMyindia on which you can get the Corona update. Websites like Microsoft to Google are also giving real-time updates about Corona, but this site is different from them because here you are also getting information about the hospital and testing lab. The site also provides information about the isolation center.

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