Marques Brownlee details his business as a tech YouTuber

Jan 24 2021 05:30 PM
Marques Brownlee details his business as a tech YouTuber

Marques Brownlee started saving up his allowance money during his high school when he decided to launch a YouTube channel. The money which he saved would help him buy a new laptop, where he could edit his videos. In the year 2009, Marques shot his first tech-review video, which is based on the media-centre remote that came with his new laptop. 

Now after 12 years, his channel has become one of the top tech channels on YouTube and has 13 million subscribers. His YouTube videos include reviews on the latest smartphones, tech unboxings, and smartphone-camera tests. He has also interviewed top tech CEOs from Elon Musk, Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg.

For most YouTubers, their main source of revenue comes from the ads in their videos by Google. But the rate of YouTube ad fluctuate month to month, and at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, some YouTube creators saw a decline in their March earnings as advertisers pulled campaigns and lower budgets. That is why most creators have several different streams of income that all connect back to their larger online business.

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