After 2 years of love marriage, the girl asked something like this that she lost her life!
After 2 years of love marriage, the girl asked something like this that she lost her life!

Love marriages have become common today and nowadays the number of love marriages has also increased. There has been a recent case that can make love marriages feel like a matter. The young woman, who had rebelled with family members two years ago, has taken her own life by hanging a noose late Sunday night after she was fed up with her husband. The family members have made several allegations against the boy and his family in front of the police at Thana Jamalpur in the case.

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"A complaint has been filed against her husband, village Sahibana resident Manpreet Singh, forcing her to commit suicide on the complaint of village Buddewal resident Swarnajit Kaur, the mother of the deceased young woman Shivani (21) and arrested the accused in the case."

He has been sent to jail on Tuesday. In a complaint to the police in the case, Swarnajit Kaur said that his mother was in the village Dhanansu and the accused Manpreet lived in his village and Baba was there. At the same time, there are reports that she was treating a number of ailments and took her daughter there.

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When her daughter came to her grandparents, she often met the accused, and according to Swarnajit Kaur, the accused caught her daughter Shivani in a love trap and married her two years ago. Two years later, Shivani wanted to go back to the house, but the accused Manpreet did not agree and that is why he started beating her. Frustrated by all these things, the woman lost her life.

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