UP Man Files for Divorce After Wife Feeds Him Laddoos Every Day

Aug 20 2019 02:57 PM
UP Man Files for Divorce After Wife Feeds Him Laddoos Every Day

Divorce cases have become common nowadays and sometimes it becomes a crime. There is now a case that can blow your senses when you hear it. Yes, the case is being referred to Meerut district of UP, where a man has applied for divorce from his wife and has caused laddoo. Yes, laddoo, now you might be wondering how a laddoo divorced her husband and wife..? So let's tell you the reason.

In fact, the case is being referred to Meerut district where a family has filed a divorce petition in the court. In this application, the husband has sought a divorce from his wife on the ground that his wife gives him only laddoo to eat. Yes, a recent Hindustan Times report says that the couple has been married for 10 years and have three children, but for the past few days the wife of the man has been giving her nothing but laddoo for dinner in the morning. The reason the young man wants a divorce from his wife. In this case, the husband said, "A few days ago, he fell ill. After that, his wife met a tantric. Who told her that she only fed laddoo to her husband. Since then, she has been serving her four laddoos for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and she has also banned her from eating outside. Frustrated by this, the husband has knocked on the court door for divorce," he said.

The family court counsellor in the case is shocked after hearing this strange cause of divorce and one of them said: "We can call the couple for counselling. But we can't cure wife's superstition. She is confident that her husband will be fine by eating laddoo and that he is not willing to listen to anyone," he said.

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