Married woman found in objectionable condition with man, villagers did this on seeing

Pakur: A married woman and a man were seen in an objectionable position by the people of the village in Nargiola village of Maheshpur in Pakur district of Jharkhand. Thereafter, the villagers took both of them hostage. Both were beaten up and hung shoes and slippers around their neck and walked around the village.

On receiving the same information, Maheshpur SHO Sunil Kumar Ravi, JSI Anand Pandit and Kapil Dev Ravidas rushed to the village along with the police force. The police officers took the news of the case and tried to free the man and the woman from the clutches of the villagers. However, the villagers stuck to the issue of imposing monetary penalties in their own way. The police appeared helpless in front of a crowd of hundreds.

According to the information received from the people of the same village, the man and a woman of the village used to get along with each other. At night, the man went to meet the woman at his house. Due to this, the woman's husband saw both of them in an objectionable condition. Because of this, the man ran away. The woman's husband followed her. There was a lot of fighting between the two. When the woman's husband made a noise, the villagers gathered at the spot. The villagers caught hold of the man. The woman and the man who came to meet her were taken hostage by the villagers. Both of them were tied to a rope all night and beaten up. The people of the village put shoes and slippers around the necks of both of them and roamed around the village. The police, who reached the spot, freed them and with the consent of the villagers, the woman and the man were handed over to their families.

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