Maruti Suzuki to Deploy Strong Hybrid Technology
Maruti Suzuki to Deploy Strong Hybrid Technology

Maruti Suzuki India is planning to have strong hybrid technology across its model range in the coming years. According to a senior company official, the company is looking to deploy strong hybrid tech across the range of models, they are going to focus more on green technologies. The auto giant is aiming to have strong and mild hybrid technologies as part of its environment-friendly technology initiative. The company will include environmentally friendly elements in each of its models, enabling better fuel efficiency and reducing carbon footprint. The auto major will focus on battery electric vehicles, CNG cars and on ethanol and bio-CNG compliant engines would also be prioritised going ahead. Maruti Suzuki India Technical Officer CV Raman said, "In the next five to seven years, every model will have some element (of green technology) or the other. There will be no pure petrol powertrain across the range,"

Hybrid cars combine the advantages of gasoline engines and electric motors. A mild hybrid system offers only minuscule benefits, while the strong hybrid mechanism, which entails a bigger battery and related aggregates, offers a considerable jump in fuel efficiency and thus a reduction in carbon footprint.

He highlighted the fact that the company is particularly looking to have strong hybrid technology across multiple models going ahead. When asked if all models would be candidates for strong self-changing hybrid powertrains, Raman said, We will definitely look at that option," 

"When we come up with a technology, we try to democratise it by putting it across as many models as possible," he stated. The company's upcoming mid-size SUV is going to have a strong hybrid system. MSI is slated to unveil the model later this month. It already offers mild-hybrid technology across various models. Raman noted that currently in the absence of adequate charging infrastructure in the country, hybrid technology is the best way forward in the transition phase towards pure battery electric vehicles.

The self-charging hybrid mechanism not only offers a reduction in CO2 emissions and enhanced fuel efficiency but also takes care of range anxiety issues for buyers, he stated.

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