Get spotless skin with masoor dal homemade face packs

Aug 10 2019 09:08 PM
Get spotless skin with masoor dal homemade face packs

Pimples are often seen on the face. You can also use lentils to remove them. You should consume pulses in your diet. Face packs made from lentils can be used for the skin. Facepack made with this dal can solve your facial problem. Let's know its benefits.

* Facepack made of lentils, gram flour, curds and turmeric
This facepack keeps the skin jawed. In a bowl, add the grinded lentils and besan and mix well. Add turmeric to it and mix all the three things. Now add curd and mix well. Add curd to dilute the pack and add a little pced lentils to thicken the thin pack. Put it on the face for 15 minutes to make the skin young.

* Facepack of marigold and lentils
This facepack can be used to remove acne and stain spots. For this, add a teaspoon of water to the leaves of the marigold flower and grind them. Mix the leaves of lentils and p.a. lilies in a bowl. When added to these two ingredients, your paste will become orange in color. Now apply this pack on your face.

* Facepack of lentils, milk and raw eggs
This removes the dryness of the skin and makes the skin softer. To make this pack, first, soak the lentils at night and grind it in the morning. Add milk to the pised lentils and add egg whites to it later. Mix the mixture lightly while adding egg whites. Now apply this ready pack on your face.

* Facepack of dal, milk, turmeric and coconut oil
It is helpful in treating rough skin. To make this pec, take lentil powder in a bowl and add turmeric to it. Add raw milk and coconut oil to make the pack thick. Mix all the ingredients well to prepare the pack. Bring the ready pack to your face.

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