Use amla to get rid of dandruff in monsoon
Use amla to get rid of dandruff in monsoon

Dandruff is one of the most common problems in Mansoon.  Amla oil is very beneficial to drive it away. Amla can also make your hair beautiful and remove its Russians. It is rich in vitamin C, which strengthens your hair and makes it dark and dense. It also reduces dandruff, hair loss, whiteness, etc. Similarly, dandruffs also occur during the rainy season, causing weakness in the hair roots and itching in the head. If you want your hair to be healthy even in the rain, we're going to tell you some easy ways to get your handy.


Buy amla oil from the market.

Remember to read the back bar of the bottle. Take the same oil as the highest amount of amla.

Now grind 10 Tulsi leaves in this oil.

Put this pack on your hair and scalp.

Keep it on for about an hour.

Then wash your hair with a chisel.

Use this pack once a week to keep the dandruff away. See how the Russian run away by pressing the dummy.

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