Don't Spoil your nails by doing these things

Aug 10 2019 12:51 PM
Don't Spoil your nails by doing these things

Every woman also cares for her own nails. But there are some things that make your nails suffer a lot. So, today, whenever girls are ready for a party, they pay a lot of attention to the decoration of their nails. But these mistakes made with nails can be overwhelming. Find out about those things.

Scratch your nails to remove nail polish
It is often seen that when you apply nail polish on your nails, you try to remove them after some time. Which is wrong for nails. This can impair the nails.

Acetone based nail polish remover
Using acetone-based nail polish remover on your nails is most wrong if you do so. So this habit reduces dehydrate your nails and surrounding stimulated. Do not give it white spots in the nails.

Not applying a base coat in the nails
Base coats protect your nails from harmful chemicals in dark nail polish. Using the base coat retains the natural glow of the nails.

Cutting your nails and cuticles with teeth
Around the nails, when small pointed cuticles start coming out, which is very painful with a little touch, we keep scratching them with teeth to get rid of it, which is wrong. Instead, use cuticle oil to soften the rough cuticles when the cuticles turn slightly soft, push back to the cuticicle twice a week.

Filing in your nails
More filings to give shape to the nails cause a crack, which causes them to break. Instead, you use the file in just one direction. Don't try to peel too much.

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