You should read this before getting fish pedicure

Aug 10 2019 11:56 AM
You should read this before getting fish pedicure

Fish pedicure is good for your feet. It's been very trendy for a few years now. We all find it fun to put our feet in a tank full of small fishes and remove the dead cells of our feet. They remove the dead skin of your feet and reshape the legs. It is often seen that many people put their feet in the same tank in malls and get a pedicure done. But with this, you have to keep in mind whether the tank is clean or not.

According to experts, fish pedicure or spas can be safe only if there is a lot of cleanliness. The Garra Rufa fish used for fish pedicure eats the dead skin on your feet, making your feet look beautiful and shiny again.

This fish removes the dead skin of your feet and increases your bloodstream and stimulates your body's acupressure points, making its effect visible immediately.

But there is also the possibility that the micro bacteria in the tank may cause you to have an infection. If the water in that tank is not changed after every session, the infection is more likely.  Fish pedicure only cleans your feet' wash and dead skin, plus many other ways to make your feet look beautiful.

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