Massive Operation in Jharkhand: Over 8,600 Bank Accounts Linked to Cybercriminals Frozen
Massive Operation in Jharkhand: Over 8,600 Bank Accounts Linked to Cybercriminals Frozen

Over 8,600 bank accounts suspected of ties to cybercrime have been frozen in the state of Jharkhand. The move comes in response to concerns that these accounts were being used for phishing activities, according to a statement from a CID official on Tuesday.

The freezing of accounts affected a total of 8,674, with the highest number, 2002, in Deoghar district. Following closely were 1,183 in Dhanbad and 959 in Ranchi, the official reported. The Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre provided the account details, enabling the CID to compile a list categorized by district and bank.

Jharkhand Crime Investigation Department Director General Anurag Gupta stated, "We will share the data with the superintendents of police in all districts and banks for thorough verification of the accounts." Gupta emphasized that efforts would be made to trace the account holders and take appropriate action if accounts were found to be fake or linked to cybercriminal activities.

The CID has been actively engaged in a significant operation against cybercriminals in Jharkhand. In the last three months, 495 individuals have been arrested for their alleged involvement in cybercrimes. Additionally, FIRs have been lodged against 107 individuals for cyber fraud.

Operations against cybercrimes have led to the seizure of 1,164 mobile phones and 1,725 SIM cards. Regular raids targeting cybercriminals have been carried out in various districts, including Deoghar, Giridih, Bokaro, Jamtara, and Ranchi.

Highlighting recent actions, Deputy Superintendent of Police Kuldeep Kumar reported the arrest of 16 cybercriminals on Monday in Bokaro district. The accused were found residing in rented houses near Cooperative Colony, and the police recovered mobile phones, SIM cards, post barcodes, rubber stamps, and counterfeit currency during the operation.
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