Mathura on high alert. 3000 security personnel deployed, jawans conduct anti-riot exercises

Mathura: Around 3000 security forces have been deployed in Mathura district today in response to Hindu organisations' declaration on the anniversary of the Babri destruction. Hindu right-wing organisations scheduled a Monday ritual at the royal Eidgah, claiming it is the original birthplace of Lord Krishna, last month. Tell us how the complex of the mosque, which was erected during the time of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, is linked to the city's Keshav Dev temple. 

Even after the government and groups confirmed the program's cancellation, the police stated they were prepared for any eventuality. On Sunday, the municipal police conducted an anti-riot drill to test their preparation. The drill was carried out at the police line on Saturday, according to Senior Superintendent of Police Gaurav Grover. In the presence of district officer Navneet Singh Chahal, he added, an investigation was undertaken to see if the weapons were working correctly.

3,000 security personnel, including several divisions, have been added to the security force, according to Grover. We are practising flag marches and drills while being prepared for any eventuality. We have been assured that there would be no demonstrations during our conversations with the organisations that have been invited to the ceremony. However, we will maintain the area secure in case of an incident. Officials reported that local police, the Rapid Action Force (RAF), and provincial armed forces had been deployed in considerable numbers. The deployment is three times that of a typical police officer's assignment.

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