Gehlot government asks for 36 lakhs for bus fares, Mayawati says this
Gehlot government asks for 36 lakhs for bus fares, Mayawati says this

Jaipur: Between the Coronavirus catastrophe, the problems of migrant workers in the country are increasing. Thousands of workers are constantly leaving for their homes on foot, meanwhile, the political rhetoric continues between the Yogi government and the Congress in UP. The Ashok Gehlot government of Rajasthan has handed over the bill for buses sent from Kota to UP border, to which the former CM and BSP chief Mayawati has attacked the Congress.

BSP supremo Mayawati on Friday tweeted the Rajasthan government. Mayawati wrote, 'The demand of giving Rs 36.36 lakh more to the UP government as an expenditure by the Congress government of Rajasthan for sending 12,000 children back from Kota to their homes, shows its depravity and inhumanity. Such disgusting politics between two neighbouring states is extremely sad.'

Mayawati further wrote that 'But the Congress Government of Rajasthan is charging arbitrary fare to send UP students back from some of their buses from Kota on one hand, on the other hand now by talking about buses to send migrant labourers to their homes in UP.

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