''MBA graduates should learn from this auto driver'' says Anand Mahindra
''MBA graduates should learn from this auto driver'' says Anand Mahindra

Mahindra & Mahindra's chairman is known for being quite active on Twitter, where he frequently uploads unique clips and life stories. This time, the businessman retweeted a video of a car driver and encouraged MBA students to learn about customer experience management from him.

Mahindra described him as a "Professor of Management" and encouraged everyone to study from him, including Mahindra Electric CEO Suman Mishra. "It would be a compacted course in Customer Experience Management if MBA students spent a day with him." He wrote, "This man is not only an auto driver... he's a Professor of Management."

Annu Durai, a Chennai-based car driver, is the man in question. On Facebook, the class 12 dropout has over 10,000 followers, and he has given 40 corporate lectures as well as six TED talks. But it was Durai's three-wheeler that drew Mahindra's attention, as his vehicle was packed with magazines, books, snacks, a laptop, iPad Pro and Samsung tablets, a mini-television set, and a few complimentary beverages and snacks.

The three-wheeler also comes equipped with a set of umbrellas for rainy days and hand sanitizers to prevent virus transmission. Not only that, but his rickshaw is also equipped with Amazon Eco and Google Nest speakers. There is, of course, Wi-Fi. All of these services are beneficial to passengers in terms of keeping them occupied when stuck in traffic or optimizing their time on long journeys.

Durai's project demonstrates that transportation service is more than just picking up and dropping off customers.

Customers' journeys may be made less unpleasant, more productive, and enjoyable by providing various amenities and conveniences, all at a low cost. As he consumes from the money offered to him by the customer, Durai believes he is the'real God.'

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