Student committed suicide, wrote- 'I am not of any use'

Apr 01 2021 11:21 AM
Student committed suicide, wrote- 'I am not of any use'

Indore: At present, the cases of suicides are on the rise in the district. Now, the matter which has come up between all these from Indore. In fact, a student from Bihar who is living here has committed suicide by hanging. The police are now investigating the matter. The incident is being reported from the peepal's chowk in the Khajrana police station area of Indore. In fact, a few months ago a student Abhishek from Bihar,  was studying MCA (Master of Computer application) at Indore. He was living here in a rented room.

In the morning, when his friend arrived to meet him, the door was locked inside. so he gave notice to the police when he did not respond. The police came and broke the gate. After breaking the gate, everyone's senses flew. The police saw Abhishek hanging on the knot. The police also received a suicide note from Abhishek's room. He wrote, "The numbers in the Exam have been low. I know that I am doing wrong, but if there is a failure in everything, what does it mean to live? Be good to all of you.'' In this case, police say the preliminary investigation revealed that Abhishek was afraid of his studies in his mind.

Abhishek, however, wrote in his suicide note, ''Number is not good for me. I am of no use. I will not be able to do anything for anyone. I am fed up with myself. There is no deficiency in anyone, but the truth is that I am not capable. My mental state is not right. I know what I'm doing is wrong but what is the meaning of living? When things are failing. If possible, all people forgive me, because I could not live up to anyone's expectation, and all of you people will live well. Abhishek.'' Now, the police are continuously investigating the matter.

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