Media: a cut off finger was sent to Macron's home
Media: a cut off finger was sent to Macron's home

Paris: The official residence of French President Emmanuel Macron has received a severed finger, according to a security source quoted in the Valeurs actuelles newspaper on Wednesday. 

According to the source, the unsettling package was delivered to the Elysee Palace's correspondence department between July 9 and July 10. The source also stated that police were able to recover the human appendage. Prior to July 14th's Bastille Day, a national holiday in France, the package allegedly arrived.

The person who mailed the finger has been identified, according to the report. "This immediately triggered the appropriate procedures for the cases involving distress, so the individual in question could be handled by competent services and undergo a medical evaluation," the source claimed.

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According to Valeurs actuelles, the Macron administration declined to comment on the situation.

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The Spanish government seized envelopes in 2021 that contained threats and bullets that were sent to a number of politicians and officials. A 74-year-old man was detained by Spanish police in 2022 as part of an investigation into letter bombs that were sent to various organisations, including the nation's Defence Ministry.

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Ukraine claimed last year that packages containing animal eyes had been sent to its embassies in Europe in "bloody" conditions.

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