Birthday Special: Meena Kumari had spent the night and morning with this famous robber...!

Aug 01 2019 07:20 AM
Birthday Special: Meena Kumari had spent the night and morning with this famous robber...!

A Bollywood actress whose life has been full of controversies has her birthday today. Yes, we are talking about Meena Kumari, who has been a very beautiful actress. Meena's real name was Mahjbeen Bano. Now even though she is not in this world, she is still a favourite of many people.

An interesting incident took place during the shooting of Meena's last film, Pakiza. "Kamal Amrohi on outdoor shooting sparked two cars and once on his way to Delhi, his car at Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh ran out of petrol. We will spend the night in the car on the road," Amrohi said.

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They didn't know it was a bandit area. About a dozen bandits surrounded their cars after midnight. They asked people sitting in cars to get down. Kamal Amrohi refused to get out of the car and said, "Whoever wants to meet me, come to my car." He asked, 'Who are you?' Amrohi replied, "I'm Kamal and is shooting in this area. The petrol in our car is over." after it is said that the robber thought he was shooting the film and when he was told that the film was shooting and that the other car was sitting Meena Kumari, then their gestures changed. Yes, they immediately arranged for music, dancing, and eating. They were given a place to sleep and in the morning they asked for petrol for their car.

On the same run, they asked Meena Kumari to give her autograph on their hand with a pointed knife. Then, as Meena Kumari gave autographs, she learned that after moving to the next city, she had spent the night with Amrit Lal, the then famous robber of Madhya Pradesh, and she had come with her own autograph. In the last days, Meena Kumari was admitted to st. Elizabeth nursing home. And her last words in room No. 26 of the nursing home were, 'Apa, Apa, I don't want to die.'

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