Meena Kumari was surrounded by bandits, saved her life by adopting her name with a knife in the hands of the dacoit
Meena Kumari was surrounded by bandits, saved her life by adopting her name with a knife in the hands of the dacoit

Meena Kumari, who is called the 'Tragedy Queen' of Bollywood, is no longer in this world but people have not forgotten her. Meena had made people crazy with her acting and beauty and people loved her very much in that decade. During that period, he had worked in many hit films and often many stories related to him go viral among the people. From the news of her affair to her addiction to alcohol, she was in discussions. Yes and Meena Kumari's famous films were 'Pakeezah'. It is said that in the 60s to 70s, Kamal Amrohi and Meena Kumari, along with some of their crew members, reached Shivpuri area of ​​Madhya Pradesh for the shooting of 'Pakeezah', only then their car near the Biyaban area. The petrol ran out and he parked the car on the side. However, within no time a gang of bandits from Chambal came and surrounded their vehicles. At the same time, when he saw dozens of armed bandits during the night, he started trembling with fear. During this, after encircling the car, Kamal Amrohi said to one of them that 'You tell your chieftain that he should come and meet us in the car'.

When Kamal Amrohi said this, then a person came to him and asked 'Who are you?' He said 'I am Kamal Amrohi and have come to Chambal to shoot'. On hearing the shooting, that person got angry and started talking with anger considering everyone as policemen, because he felt that these people are policemen and have come here to do our 'shoot' i.e. encounter. At the same time, due to this misunderstanding, Kamal Amrohi and Meena Kumari are caught in the clutches of bandits. However, gathering courage after this, Kamal Amrohi asked 'Your name'? So that person said, 'Daku Amrit Lal Chambal, have you heard this name in your Bombay?'. Let us tell you that the robber Amrit Lal was the most cruel and fearless dacoit of the Chambal Valley of that time, on whom there was a huge prize money and in whose name the police also trembled. However after all this Kamal Amrohi told Amrit Lal that 'he is not a policeman nor has come to shoot, his shooting means shooting for the film'.

On hearing this, the behavior of the robber Amrit Lal became a little soft and Kamal was happy to see a famous person like Amrohi in front of him. After that, in the middle of the conversation, the robber came to know that actress Meena Kumari is sitting in another car. Yes, the robber Amrit Lal was a big fan of Meena Kumari. At the same time, he insisted on meeting Meena Kumari and said that 'only after meeting everyone will let them go to Delhi'. During this, Amrit Lal, a mad robber in happiness, arranged for everyone to dance and sing along with food and drink, and his own men got petrol in his car and then everyone started preparing to leave. During this, the robber wanted to take the autograph of Meena Kumari, but due to lack of paper and pen, the robber Amrit Lal asked for a knife and placed it in front of Kamal Amrohi and Meena Kumari. It is said that seeing all this, Meena Kumari was very scared. At the same time, after asking the reason for keeping the knife, the robber said that 'when Meena Kumari writes her name with a knife on her hand, then everyone will be able to go from here'. After that, in front of his insistence, Meena Kumari dared to write her name with a knife on his hand and everyone left from there.

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