Meet Lakshay Jain the Youngest Tech entrepreneur of India who is taking the industry by a storm

With talent, hard work, and determination, there is nothing that can stop a person from achieving success and making a name for themselves. It is surreal to know and face a daily reality that is driven by people who endeavor to be their best in what they do by giving in each conceivable exertion. Youths of today are particularly the ones who have been intriguing all over ventures of the world. Besting the rundown in the innovative world is Lakshay Jain, who is today viewed as the most youthful IT business visionary of India and web/application designer, astonishing individuals with his abilities, gifts, and a solid mental guts to dominate at his specialty and making a one of a kind name for himself at the simple time of just 16 years. 

The young tech entrepreneur has amazingly more than 100 undertakings and is the CEO/Founder of his startup office called Mevrex. Through web/application improvement and advanced advertising administrations, Lakshay has gone to the cutting edge of the business in an exceptionally brief period and has even acquired various honors for his ceaseless and imaginative work and has included on different known sites and distributions. Born in 2004, Lakshay is perhaps the most extraordinary pearl in the business world who began when he was just a 7-year-old, going to class. He has redefined the scope of digital marketing and made the competition irrelevant. Getting sagacious with PCs is the thing that he adored and built up a distinct fascination and energy for web programming at that credulous age. He always had an aptitude and a knack for technology and the robust features that came along with it. He first realized his kindling passion when he was introduced to the booming concepts of application and web page programming. He was fascinated by the schematics and the power that the Internet held.  

He started by investigating the web programming world and comprehended his capacities and imagination in creating things. Lakshay since the time he was a small child, realized that he would create and build something of his own which would fill in as a brilliant illustration for others on the planet and move them to tune in to their heart and begin working right off the bat in life to create more noteworthy force in the field. As a kid, he used to take an interest and win in a few programming rivalries. Reviewing one of these competitions, the 16-year-old business visionary admits that once he shocked the appointed authorities by making a site that anybody would believe was worked by an expert site engineer. This encouraged the young person's certainty and he chose to plunge further into the field as an engineer and business visionary. Throughout the previous eight years, he has been making achievements in the field and has developed as the youngest advertiser, designer, and business visionary. He realized how much the field of digitization has flourished and was brimming with eminent and amazing opportunities. This was a big milestone in Lakshya’s life because it secured and marked the start of his career. 

He accomplished the entirety of this without anyone else, without relying upon his folks or any other person, and hence has arisen as the most youthful independent business visionary from India who is one of the top leading web/application designers on the planet. He can be reached through his official website – or Instagram(

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