Satyapal Malik again provoked the peaceful farmers "Farmers will do violence"

SHILLONG: Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik has once again threatened the central government by inciting farmers to resort to violence. He has said that if the demands of the farmers are not met, they can resort to violence to convince them. Malik said, "My instruction to Delhi is not to clash with them, they are dangerous people. I have no fear of losing my governor's post because of raising the issue of farmers. Farmers will get what they want. '


Satya Pal Malik said publicly that if the farmers did not get what they wanted by fighting, then they would take it through violence. Let us know that after a year-long agitation at the borders of Delhi, the central government had withdrawn the three laws that came towards agricultural reforms. Since then, the farmers have been silent, but some people do not know why they are trying to provoke them again and again, among them is Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik. Satya Pal Malik said that the mouth of farmers cannot be shut down because they know that they have to accept their demands in this way.


At the same time, Malik also threatened to start the 'farmers' movement' again if the demands were not met. He said that whenever he raises the issues of farmers, he fears that he may get a call from Delhi anytime. He meant the possibility of his removal from the post of Governor. Satya Pal Malik, claiming to be living in his one-and-a-half-room house in Delhi, said he can take a dig at PM Narendra Modi on the issue of farmers. He further said that he has no enmity with the central government, but for the sake of the farmers, he is ready to quit his post. 


Malik also reiterated his claim that when he met PM Modi. He had a fight with him in just 5 minutes. Malik, who arrived in Jodhpur to attend a book release programme of the Marwar Jat Mahasabha, said that Jats and Sikhs do not forget anything, you should have given them something and sent them. Malik also indirectly referred to the murders of Indira Gandhi and General Vaidya. He has made such statements before with the names of both of them. Malik had earlier said, "So many farmers have lost their lives, even after this, there has been no condolence message. When we ask, we are considered to be beggars. This government is not ours. When Modi was in Gujarat, he wrote a note about the Minimum Support Price (MSP). Now Delhi has spoiled Modi. He has changed after moving to Delhi. '

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