'Mehbooba' fell in love with Pakistan again..! Said- No matter how much army deploy, will have to talk to PAK

Srinagar: PDP supremo and former Jammu and Kashmir CM Mehbooba Mufti's love for Pak has once again come out in the open. Talking to Maida, he said, "Due to AFSPA, people in the Valley have become disturbed. So much strength has been given to the security forces, yet the sarpanch is dying, and people are being fired upon. So according to me, there is some deficiency in our house itself, somewhere we are seen to be failing. We have no other choice but to talk to Pakistan, no matter how many troops we bring, we have to talk.''

Holding the central government responsible for the current situation in Jammu and Kashmir, he said, "Kashmir is being destroyed. The Centre wants to end Jammu and Kashmir in a complete manner. This Government wants to end our existence. Perhaps because it is a Muslim majority state. There is an attempt to weaken us from all sides. Not only this, Mehbooba also blamed the Modi government at the Centre and the BJP for the violent incidents taking place in the country and said that suddenly the issue of loudspeakers came, before that the hijab issue came, next will be halal. Mehbooba says that all this seems to be a conspiracy to divide society.''

Mehbooba accused the central government and said that there is a crisis of employment and electricity and water in the country, in such a situation, the easiest thing is to pit Hindus and Muslims against each other. "If this continues like this, our situation will get worse in the future. Our neighbour was devastated by the misuse of religion. They are bearing the brunt of it till today.''

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