In front of the crowd, 21-21 whips were showered on men and women. Guilt – Kissing inside the car

Jakarta: An unmarried couple in Indonesia had a tough time kissing each other while sitting inside a car. As a punishment, both of them were publicly beaten in front of the people. When the two were being punched, the people present there were taking pictures and making videos. According to the report, the age of the woman is 23 years and the age of the man is 24 years. The two were seen approaching each other in a car parking lot, following which the administration was informed and both were arrested.


After this, both of them were sentenced to 21-21 lashes. The incident took place at Bustanal Salatin complex on Sumatra island. While being beaten  with a stick, the woman fell to the ground and started screaming in pain, but the people present there kept taking photos and videos. During this time, a police officer was also standing there with a mic, who was giving instructions to the spiders and at the same time saying something to the crowd present there. The man and the woman were beaten one by one. Earlier, both of them were sentenced to 25-25 lashes, but later it was reduced to 21-21. The head of the criminal investigation section of the Banda Aceh prosecutor's office said the two had broken "jinayat law", or Islamic law. The two were arrested in the Ule Lee Harbor area when a policeman arrived for a car search.

About 90 percent of the people in Indonesia follow Islam. Some states there also have Sharia law, which can go above the central law. Under this, a couple is also forbidden to come close to each other in public places. The 'Sharia Police' then takes action. Earlier, such pictures have also come out from countries like Afghanistan and Syria, in which women are being oppressed.

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